Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cycle track

Back in York again, a new scheme is being tested. Bikes are very popular in the city, with the 2011 census showing that a very high number of people cycle into work. There's also two universitys so lots of students. Plenty of them cycle to their studies adding to the numbers pedalling away on a daily basis. 

Cycle lanes are just as, if not more common that bus lanes, but a lot of streets in this ancient city are narrow and as such passing them can be difficult. Admittedly cyclists often put themselves in danger, but no doubt being overtaken in narrow streets by large vehicles is a scary experience. 

                   One of the unibus fleet has a rear advert promoting the cycle alert system

Now, thanks to a partnership between Transdev and the University, a new service called cycle track is to be launched. All 9 of the 44 Unibus fleet is to be fitted with the equipment, and bikes can be fitted for £10, though students can get a subsidised package for £5. 

The technology works by alerting bus drivers to the presence, then location of bikes around them. As a bus approaches a bike, a warning appears in the drivers cab. Then, whilst the bus overtakes the bike, sensors show the bike's position on a screen. It means that the driver can be certain that they have passed the bike before pulling in, the remove the risk of them colliding with the bike.  

This is very much a positive thing for cyclists and everyone really. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, York is a city where bus and cycle use is very much encouraged, whilst those in cars have a hard time (speaking from experience!). As and when my bike finally makes the trip north toYork, I will for certain be investing in the cycle alert system.  

The three photos of the unibuses are courtesy of Chris Nelson on Flickr. (

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