Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello and welcome!

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog!

I'm Oneman and I'm a bus enthusiast  and law student living near Derby during the holidays and in York whilst studying.

You may have come across me from my guest blog posts on the omnibuses blog, as 'oneman' or 'tbone' (Trent Barton one) on forums or through my Facebook and Twitter pages. Many question my use of a pseudonym,  but it simply allows me to voice my true opinion without external pressures. There are however those out there who know me in person, so I'm not a total recluse!

Both the East Midlands and York are home to exciting and evolving bus scenes. There is currently high profile competition between NCT, Trent Barton and Yourbus in Derby and Nottingham whilst Transdev and First continue to attract university students to their respective services. Arriva have recently gained a larger presence in York whilst Trent Barton continue to roll out their new look livery.

The aim of the blog is to give updates on what's going on in both these areas. Being a law student with a part time job, I can't guarantee daily posts but I will try to update as often as possible.

I hope you enjoy the blog, please feel free to spread the word and give feedback, and of course any guest articles are always welcome!


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